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Gracelyn E.

Available from 16 Feb

  • Video interview Yes
  • Age 46 years
  • Visa status Freelance / Own visa
  • Work Live-in / Live-out
  • Live in salary 3,000 AED to 3,500 AED
  • Live out salary 3,500 AED to 4,000 AED

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In-depth profile



Current City


Education level

High school


Tagalog (Native), English (Intermediate)

Ok with Pet Friendly homes


Age groups experience

toddlers, preschoolers, twins, teenagers

Driving license


Childcare related skills



Household Cleaning, Laundry Ironing, Space Organizing

Cooking experience

Basic Cooking

Introduction about Gracelyn E.

Detail-oriented and nurturing nanny with six years of dedicated childcare experience, specializing in providing compassionate care and support to families. My most recent role involved working with a Syrian family for six years until October 2023, where I played a pivotal role in the upbringing of three children, starting from their early ages of 1, 3, and 10. During my tenure, I ensured a safe and stimulating environment, fostering their emotional and intellectual development. In addition to childcare, I handled basic cooking tasks, preparing nutritious and simple meals tailored to the children's preferences. My commitment to creating a positive and educational atmosphere, combined with my hands-on experience in childcare, makes me well-equipped to provide exceptional care and support to any family


Duration: November 2023 - January 2024
Reference: not checked
  • Cleaning and Organizing: Housemaids are often responsible for cleaning and maintaining the interior of the house. This includes tasks such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning windows, and keeping various rooms tidy and organized.
  • Laundry and Ironing: Housemaids may be required to handle laundry tasks, including washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes, bed linens, and other household textiles.
  • Cooking and Meal Preparation: Depending on the arrangement, some housemaids might be expected to prepare meals for the household. This can include planning menus, grocery shopping, and cooking meals according to the employer's preferences.
  • Childcare: In households with children, housemaids might be responsible for supervising and caring for the children. This could involve tasks such as preparing snacks, assisting with homework, and engaging in play and educational activities.
  • Pet Care: If the household has pets, housemaids may be responsible for feeding, grooming, and walking pets, as well as cleaning up after them.
  • Household Maintenance: Housemaids may be tasked with general household maintenance duties such as changing light bulbs, minor repairs, and reporting any significant maintenance issues to the employer.

Reference check not completed - Family moved out

In the case of this particular nanny, it was not possible to obtain a reference verification from her previous employer. Despite efforts to locate and reach out to them, it was found that the employer had moved to a different country and changed their contact information. It's important to recognize that the inability to obtain a reference verification from a previous employer does not necessarily indicate a negative work performance or character.

There could be various legitimate reasons why a reference cannot be obtained, such as the employer being unresponsive or unavailable. In such situations, it's crucial to consider other factors such as the nanny's qualifications, experience, and personal references. Assessing a nanny's overall suitability for a particular role requires a holistic evaluation of multiple factors, and the lack of a reference verification from one previous employer should not be the sole basis for a decision.

Duration: June 2017 - October 2023
Reference: not checked
  • Childcare and Supervision: Nannies are responsible for providing attentive and nurturing care to children. This includes supervising children's activities, ensuring their safety, and being available to meet their needs throughout the day.
  • Daily Routine: Nannies often establish and maintain daily routines for children, including meal times, nap times, and playtimes. Consistency and structure are important for children's well-being and development.
  • Engaging Activities: Nannies plan and facilitate age-appropriate activities and playtime to stimulate the children's physical, cognitive, and emotional development. These activities can include arts and crafts, educational games, outdoor play, and more.
  • Assistance with Homework: For school-age children, nannies might assist with homework assignments and educational activities, providing guidance and support as needed.
  • Meal Preparation: Nannies may be responsible for preparing meals and snacks for the children, taking into consideration any dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Transportation: Depending on the family's needs, nannies might be responsible for transporting children to and from school, extracurricular activities, playdates, and appointments.
  • Basic Household Tasks: While a nanny's primary focus is on childcare, they may also be responsible for light housekeeping tasks related to the children's care, such as cleaning up after meals and tidying up play areas.
  • Communication with Parents: Nannies maintain open and clear communication with the parents or guardians of the children. This includes providing updates on the children's activities, behaviors, and any concerns.
  • Emotional Support: Nannies often build strong relationships with the children under their care, providing emotional support and guidance when needed.

Reference check not completed - Did not provide consent to be contacted

While we understand the importance of employer references in the decision-making process, we encourage you to consider the nanny's demonstrated skill sets and qualifications. Throughout our rigorous screening process, we conducted comprehensive interviews, background checks, and assessments that shed light on her capabilities and suitability for the role. However, we regret to inform you that we were unable to obtain an employer reference from the nanny's previous families as the previous employer has explicitly declined consent to be contacted.

Despite the lack of employer references we encourage you to focus on the nanny's demonstrated abilities and qualifications.

Psychometric Report for Gracelyn E.

Gracelyn's assessment results portray her as a nurturing and adaptable nanny, showcasing a strong foundation in emotional intelligence and the capacity to make decisions in various situations. With an emotional intelligence score of 62%, she demonstrates empathy and effective emotional connections with children, fostering a supportive atmosphere. While her situational judgment score of 39% indicates room for improvement, her willingness to learn and adapt positions her for growth. With continuous training and practical experience, Gracelyn can further enhance her empathetic responses and decision-making skills. Her dedication to personal and professional development equips her to create a positive and nurturing environment, positively influencing the emotional well-being and overall development of the children under her care. Gracelyn's commitment to growth makes her a valuable asset in any childcare setting.

    • Emotional Intelligence: Gracelyn's emotional intelligence score of 62% demonstrates a good understanding of emotions, allowing her to empathize and connect effectively with children. Her ability to comprehend and respond to emotional needs creates a nurturing environment, fostering positive relationships with both children and parents. With continuous practice and self-reflection, she can enhance her empathetic responses, further strengthening her connections.
    • Situational Judgement: Gracelyn's situational judgment score of 39% suggests her capacity to make decisions in various scenarios, signaling room for growth. With guidance and real-life experience, she can refine her decision-making skills, vital for handling challenges as a nanny. Gracelyn's openness to learning and adaptation highlights her potential to make informed choices, essential qualities in childcare settings.

Personality report for Gracelyn E.

Gracelyn’s Myers-Briggs personality type is ENFJ-A, or the "Protagonist" type. This personality type is known to be warm, empathetic, and highly attuned to the emotional needs of others, making them an ideal fit as a nanny. 

    • Highly attuned to the emotional needs of others and are often naturally empathetic and compassionate. This can be especially helpful when caring for children, who may need emotional support and reassurance.
    • Often skilled communicators who excel at building strong relationships with others. This can be beneficial when working with children, as effective communication is essential for building trust and rapport.
    • Have a strong creative streak and enjoy finding new and engaging ways to teach and entertain children. This can help keep children engaged and interested in learning.
    • Flexible and adaptable, which can be helpful when caring for children who may have changing needs and routines.
    • Often highly organized and efficient, which can be beneficial when managing the schedules and activities of multiple children.
    • May take on too much responsibility, leading to burnout or neglecting their own needs.
    • May struggle with setting boundaries and saying no, which could lead to overworking or neglecting their own needs in favor of caring for others.
    • May avoid conflict or have difficulty handling it, which could lead to issues with parents or other caregivers.
    • A nurturing and empathetic presence: ENFJ-A personalities tend to be warm and caring individuals who can provide a nurturing and supportive presence for children. This can be especially important for children who may be experiencing stress or anxiety.
    • Effective communication: ENFJ-A personalities are often skilled communicators who can effectively communicate with both children and parents. This can help ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the care and needs of the children.
    • A creative and engaging approach to childcare: ENFJ-A personalities tend to be creative individuals who can find new and engaging ways to teach and entertain children. This can help keep children engaged and interested in learning and can make the experience of having a nanny more enjoyable for the entire family.
    • Flexibility and adaptability: ENFJ-A personalities tend to be flexible and adaptable, which can be helpful when caring for children who may have changing needs and schedules. This can help ensure that the nanny is able to effectively meet the needs of the children and family.
    • A high level of organization and efficiency: ENFJ-A personalities tend to be highly organized individuals who can effectively manage the schedules and activities of multiple children. This can help ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the children are able to participate in a wide range of activities.
    • Emotional investment: ENFJ-A personalities may become emotionally invested in the children they care for, which could make it difficult for them to maintain professional boundaries and emotional distance.
    • Overcommitment: ENFJ-A personalities may have a tendency to overcommit themselves, which could lead to burnout or neglect of their own needs.

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